Moving Towards the Real Deal (hint: PROJECTS)

Moving Towards the Real Deal (hint: PROJECTS)

EDIT: The creator of this course's hole website has been taken down due to other paid courses being scams. I only leave this here for completion/a record of what I've done so far. Please take a better course like Fast.AI


This course has had about 1 upside whereas numerous disadvantages. So I personally don't feel like this course is a worthy use of my time (which is extremely limited right now). As previously promised, I'll go through what's good and bad about this course here. I'm additionally writing about this blogs future plans.

Course Breakdown


  • It has a decent structure/layout
  • Projects are sometimes decent
    • Do note thought that these projects often completely lack adequate resources on teaching how to complete them


  • The course's projects don't have ANY feedback
  • Feedback/pleas for help fixing broken parts of the course are ignored
  • The quiz's don't work at all
    • They are an incredible pain to have to complete
    • Can't even move past the second questions without a significant effort
  • Siraj Raval has acquired an incredible reputation for scamming people for their money
  • Concepts aren't explained in an intuitive/comprehensive manner
    • Need to seek out external content for practically every topic
    • This may leave you in the dark about how to complete certain projects
  • The hole thing is practically a copy/paste job from different sources across the internet
    • The main problem here is the poorly edited content
    • Independently, the resources go from extremely helpful to mostly useless
  • Their is massive content duplication throughout the course (seems to progressively increase)

Where Next?

Right now I'm planning to continue reading books on AI, whilst potentially taking the course (or specific parts of it). I aim to work through a few Kaggle competitions, before moving onto build personal projects. My ultimate goal for the projects is to be able to share some insights into going about creating them on this blog.

Types of Projects?

I am aware that I have multiple options on what to work on.

  • Pure Jupyter notebooks
  • Full deployed solutions
  • Low amounts of code - create posts containing full explained projects
  • High amounts of code - create posts on the major lesson's I've learnt/main parts that make them work

From talks with real data scientists, deploying complete projects is extremely impressive! So after a few smaller I may proceed to deploying some models on the cloud.


Now that you've heard me ramble, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read through my blog (or skipping to the end).

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