When hard skills won't do, soft skill's will

When hard skills won't do, soft skill's will


I always start my blogs with a why section because I believe there is no point in reading something unless you already understand precisely what you will get out of it.

I've been developing a lot of technical skills recently, and whilst doing this I've been constantly considering the difference between failure and success. So, in this post I'd like to explain how I'm really making personal progress myself, at my core, once again. To allow me to learn to change and adapt to circumstances. As these are the soft skills which define how you're able to utilize your technical abilities!


This all may sound cliche, or stupid, however I strongly believe that there are three elements involved in manifesting success:

  • Passion - for me technology, in particular data science/programming
  • Aim - for me to get a job which I'll enjoy/grow in
  • Dedication - to increasing my knowledge and change my personality

My Secret Resource?

Until now I've had a private Trello board where I extracted the key, vital insights of everything significant that I watched. I do admit that I didn't hadn't added anything for half the year, but it does have a lot and now I'm committing to expanding it further. In hope that this can help someone else, I've changed the board from private to public and am promoting it here.


Now that you've heard me ramble, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read through my blog (or skipping to the end).

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